Creamy fresh, clean and bright. Cologne Cream brings you something special, a kitchen to look at, cook in and live with.

Modern, uncompromising, the smooth White Cologne kitchen clears away any doubt who you are. Create sight lines, which add interest to the simple form of the Cologne door.

Warm, bright and accommodating of all tastes in decor, Cologne Oyster brings a soft edge to strong design.

Design Brief


We are well accustomed to rising to the challenge of making your home comfortable whilst taking advantage of a selection of today’s modern conveniences. How do we do it?


We go to the trouble of understanding how you will want to use your new installation, and consider those living in your home and anyone else who will interact with it.


We design the layout, finish, colour and appliances around your lifestyle, so the end result ‘fits like a glove’.